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What’s the difference between FWD and AWD?


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Looking for a new car and don't know the right choice between front wheel drive or all wheel drive? Read on and let us help you choose the right vehicle for you!


In the past decade, most new vehicles on the market were made with FWD. But today, many new models are being equipped with the AWD feature whether added on or in the standard makeup. Depending on where you live and the road conditions you drive on, AWD may not be a necessary. But let's take a deeper look into the pro's and con's of…

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How to Fill and Change Your Tires

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In today's fast-paced world, we don't often anticipate having to slow down for any reason. That's why the last place you want to be is stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire not knowing what to do. At Bob Penkhus, we want to keep you safe on and off the road, so here are our tips for how to fill and change your tires if you ever need to!

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When Should You Change Your Oil?

Most people know they need to get their car oil changed, but many don't know how often. When asked what oil type they should use, they're left even more confused. So, how do you know when to change oil and what's right for your car? Don't worry – we're going to answer all of your car-oil-changing questions right here, and you'll know exactly when you should change your oil by the end of the blog! 

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