If you’re looking for ways to get out of the house this summer (while still following the safety guidelines set by the CDC) a road trip along one of the most popular highways in America might be just what you need! With all 50 states slowly reopening, road trips are one of the safest getaway options to take. 


Here are 5 of the Best Road Trips in America ranked by popular opinion. (Please Note: With consistent changes caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, you will need to check state and national parks to ensure they are open to the public before you leave. Stay up-to-date on safety regulations set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable journey!) 


1. Pacific Coast Highway 

Route 1 is one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the United States, running along the Pacific, totaling just over 656 miles of beautiful, sunny California coastline. This drive will take you through every famous Californian city including San Francisco, Malibu, Santa Maria, and Los Angeles. Stop to support local restaurants and coffee shops by taking your coffee or food to go and eat at a quiet beach-side picnic table or rest stop by the water. Roll your windows down to let the fresh, ocean air into your car and make the journey as long as you want with frequent stops to surf, swim, or lay along the ocean at the many open beaches along the way! 


2. Route 66 

You can’t write anything about the best American road trips without including the historic Route 66—arguably the most famous road in the world. Route 66 covers 8 states and spans over 2,400 miles starting in Chicago, Illinois, and ends on the Pacific Coast in Santa Monica, California. Route 66 covers a vast amount of changing landscape as you enter the rolling plains of Missouri, the panhandle of Oklahoma farmland, the mountains of New Mexico, and the open deserts of Arizona before ending up on the beautiful West Coast. 


3. The High Road to Taos 

The High Road to Taos is a scenic, winding road through the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico, connecting the beloved cities of Taos and Santa Fe. This route will take you through an authentic remnant of Old Spain with rich historic architecture, houses of adobe, remote mountain villages, and has so many unique, scenic landscapes that it can take anywhere from 4-7 hours of driving time (depending on how much you stop to take pictures along the way!). 


4. Scenic Byway 12 Utah 

Route 12 Utah is 122.863 miles of true driving bliss. Known as Utah’s “Journey through Time” with scenic geological sites across the Henry Mountains, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and Capitol Reef National Park. With roads nested in an array of red rock arches and green pines, there will be many photographic moments along the way and scenic overlook opportunities to pull off the road to take a better look. Take the 122-mile drive in one day, or plan to camp in one of the many national or state parks along the way (don’t forget to check to make sure they’re open!). 


5. Out West to Marfa, Texas   

Marfa, Texas has become one of the top-destinations for artists and creatives looking for a quiet, inspiring location filled with food, modern art, the infamous tee-pee camping grounds, and mysterious orbs known as the “Marfa Lights.” But the journey to West Texas through the quaint small towns and desert country roads is just as enjoyable. Plan to stop at the infamous Prada Store, White Sands National Monument, or spend a few days down in Big Bend National Park! 


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Stay safe and enjoy the drive. 


- Your friends at Bob Penkhus Mitsubishi 


Bring your vehicle into any Bob Penkhus Service Department location and we’ll make sure your car is good to go for your long trip ahead!


At Bob Penkhus, the safety of you and your family is the highest priority for us. If you do decide to venture out, take every precaution necessary to keep your family safe by following the guidelines set up by the CDC. Pack extra Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, face masks, gloves, and remain as responsible and mindful as possible while out on the road! We hope you enjoy one (or all of these) American road trip ideas soon!


Tips for Road Trip Responsibly Amid COVID-19: 

  • Always have 6ft of social distancing between you and those outside of your household.

  • Bring Lysol wipes and hand sanitizers. 

  • Stay out of crowded places and avoid mass gatherings.

  • Wipe down the car interior/exterior and any other surfaces you might encounter as you travel (i.e. rest stop door handles, park picnic tables, gas pumps). 

  • Wear masks in public (at gas stations, motels, hotels, restaurants, diners, etc.)

  • If you have a cough, fever, or symptoms of COVID-19, please call a doctor and do not travel until you’re symptom-free and fever-free for three days. 

  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or have knowingly come into close contact with someone who has, we ask that you do not leave home for 14 days or until you’ve tested negative for COVID-19. 
  • If you feel unwell or have any concerns about traveling, please stay home and stay safe.
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