The Mitsubishi Outlander Offers Convenience and Features for All in Colorado Springs

960 × 639

The 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander is a spacious and capable SUV for all of your needs in Colorado. Roomy cabin area, advanced safety technology, and entertainment features for all, the Outlander is a well-rounded choice in the compact SUV class.

The roomy interior is spacious enough to seat seven adults, with plenty of leg, shoulder, hip, and head room for everyone. Adding to that spaciousness is the very roomy cargo area behind the seats that fold flat to offer even more space for your things. Comfortable cloth seats will keep you comfortable for quick trips and long drives no matter where you're headed.

Safety features include things like a rear-view backup camera, rear-cross traffic alert, multi-view camera system, blind-spot warning with lane change assist, and many more make the Outlander a safer vehicle for you and your family. Your family deserves the advanced safety technology that new vehicles offer, and making them affordable is just a bonus of the Outlander.

When you're thinking about your next SUV for the family, the Mitsubishi Outlander is the affordable choice. Your family vehicle shouldn't break your budget, just to get the technology and features you want and need for life in Colorado Springs.

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